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Still going strong in 2019 and hard to keep track of all my various projects!

Digital Art and art journalling - Multi-Media Production - Fine Art

Joyful creator and Truth Teller

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Pfern Site I started this site when retiring from Records Management, thus the dot info was in line with what I was doing then. This is an eclectic site. First, some humour. As you can see I am not a plant, but a person, despite my name. I am rather earthy, and as complex as is the structure of a leaf. I have very diverse eclectic interests which are difficult to show on a single website. The rule of one topic per site is almost impossible for me and thus so is a consistent theme. I guess I will have to edit this often. If I were to sell something, it would be my art paintings, or my time and expertise in research, multi-media production and some design work, or just time to brainstorm.

I have a very unique background, and a love for the Alberta Foothills where I was raised in a cowboy culture. I grew up beside the Kangienos Lake, which has been in the news lately, as well as on Twitter. It is a wild and beautiful place and part of my history and culture.

See the beautiful gift in this (problem, incident, issue).

Modified by me. Turnarounds


I wrote a novel in a month two years running, 2012 and 2013. I completed it again in 2016 and 2017. It is a project known as NaNoWriMo - or write a novel of 50,000 words in the month of November. These remain in draft format. I started a writers group in Creston and volunteered at Writing in the Kootenays conference in 2009. I moved to Cochrane Nov 2010. I started a writers group in Cochrane which is no longer running. I joined a writer's group in Calgary in 2019.

I collect quotes and simple positive affirmations and paragraphs. I collect questions, but can't always answer them in my journal. "What small 'yes' are you ready for?"

I believe in being a balanced person, one foot in business and one in art, one foot in science and one in literature, one foot in love of solitude and one gregratious foot. I accept a work that has no practical purpose yet, but my upbringing allows me to preserve valuable tools.

Acrylic named Attitude

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