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Still going strong in 2019 and hard to keep track of all my various projects!

Digital Art and art journalling - Multi-Media Production - Fine Art

Joyful creator and Truth Teller

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Pfern Site I started this site when retiring from Records Management, thus the dot info was in line with what I was doing then. This is an eclectic site. First, some humour. As you can see I am not a plant, but a person, despite my name. I am rather earthy, and as complex as is the structure of a leaf. I have very diverse eclectic interests which are difficult to show on a single website. The rule of one topic per site is almost impossible for me and thus so is a consistent theme. I guess I will have to edit this often. If I were to sell something, it would be my art paintings, or my time and expertise in research, multi-media production and some design work, or just time to brainstorm.

I have a very unique background, and a love for the Alberta Foothills where I was raised in a cowboy culture. I grew up beside the Kangienos Lake, which has been in the news lately, as well as on Twitter. It is a wild and beautiful place and part of my history and culture.

See the beautiful gift in this (problem, incident, issue).

Modified by me. Turnarounds


I wrote a novel in a month two years running, 2012 and 2013. I completed it again in 2016 and 2017. It is a project known as NaNoWriMo - or write a novel of 50,000 words in the month of November. These remain in draft format. I started a writers group in Creston and volunteered at Writing in the Kootenays conference in 2009. I moved to Cochrane Nov 2010. I started a writers group in Cochrane which is no longer running. I joined a writer's group in Calgary in 2019.

I collect quotes and simple positive affirmations and paragraphs. I collect questions, but can't always answer them in my journal. "What small 'yes' are you ready for?"

I believe in being a balanced person, one foot in business and one in art, one foot in science and one in literature, one foot in love of solitude and one gregratious foot. I accept a work that has no practical purpose yet, but my upbringing allows me to preserve valuable tools.

Acrylic named Attitude

I blog at Soulferrier.Wordpress site

Creative Writing

My philosopy is to keep my writing for publication. Once on the site, it is considered published and can't be submitted to agents or publications.

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