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1981 - lots of projects to consider, the end of some volunteer work will open the door, the word of the year - balance!

Web Design, started in 2000 working in multimedia production. Still using it in 2017.

Dreamweaver has changed a lot, so I am trying simple pages to re-learn it. Revamping the site in 2016 and again in 2017. Pfern.info is a dreamweaver site, hosted by Go Daddy. The others are Wordpress sites or connected to my facebook page Pfern. I started with Wordpress around 2010 in order to support the Creston Church website. I stopped being their webmaster in 2016.

While I am not a coder, or a programmer, I do know basic html and javascript.

Sometimes it is a bit too painstaking for me and my dog. We like do move on fairly quickly. Maybe in 2018 I will try a simpler platform. No matter what, it is a lot of work every time I introduce something new into the website.


Write 50,000 words in novel format in the Month of November (NaNoWriNo) completed in 2012 and 2013. I completed it again in 2016.

Still keep my hand in. I have several fictional works in progress. My nemasis is editing. Trying Auto Crit in 2018 for editing purposes.

Digital art, digital scrapbooking, photoshop, photography with smart phone, and more . . .There are some lovely courses I've been taking in 2017.

About Me

Retired from the business world.

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My philosopy is to keep my writing for publication. Once on the site, it is considered published and can't be submitted to agents or publications.

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