Other Mixed Media Interests

  • Digital Scrapbooking

  • Example of a Background - Photoshop layers including drawing parts. Drawing in Photoshop is hard.

    Digital Art Example-Background is borrowed from an old source. Top layer is drawn originally by me.

    Pfern Site Scrap and Journal Scrapbooking is a fun way to artfully arrange collections of photographs, memorabilia and writing notes in a way that is nice to look at. It can be done in a variety of ways, including a collection containing no photos, but usually photos are the central theme. Besides photos, memorabilia include certificates, tickets, menus, newspaper articles, notepaper and drawings, items and articles of fabric, thin objects, transparencies, stickers and tabs. Scrapbooking is fun! Pages can be hand made or created digitally.

    Digital scrapbooking was first, for me, inspired by Artella.com and by my multi-media production training, but greatly improved by scrapbookgrapics.com and Daisy Trail with Serif CraftArtist, a UK site. The alternative is to attempt to self-create the images sold on these sites. A harder job, but solves any issue with copyright.

    Photoshop and scrapbooking go together like multi-media production.

    Modified by me. Questions on Pinterest

    Journalling and Art Journalling

    I've always kept a journal. The practice tied in with my writing and positive thinking. I often illustrated it, with stickers mostly. The full blown art journal started with books and magazines many years ago, but blogs on the internet and facebook really helped me perfect the methods. I enjoy learning new techniques.

    The themes I enjoy include faces and figures, acrylic paint, printing and stamping.

    The art journal process of multi-media is motivational and freer than hand drawn art, and a method of warmup and experimentation.

    Journal page-Collage

    I blog at Soulferrier.Wordpress

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    My philosopy is to keep my writing for publication. Once on the site, it is considered published and can't be submitted to agents or publications.

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