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Progress is ongoing for edits and rewrites.






On the Hard - 2017

A former tech employee lives homeless on the dock of a Western Coastal town, befriended by a pack of rats, he survives by hiding his connection to modern technology

Drift II

Drift - 2016

Post climate change a journal helps a tribe survive. They progress without science but through innovation and guidance from the Monument Trail.


Leanings - 2014

Ten people come together at university, intially drawn together by their unusual names. A lifetime friendship continues until the death of one threatens the group dynamics

Old Woman - 2012

A serial killer travels her universe over space and time. Not until she reaches retirement does a policewoman catch up with her.

Dragon Don - 2008

Feryl is expected to take over the role of Don of the cross species settlement when her father dies. Part unicorn, part dragon, the group is outlawed and settles on a mining world.

Conditional Biosphere - 2009

An arc ship is one of ten designated to explore a distant planet. Earth is dying. The last of the ten, it has less than optimum crew and has the farthest journey.

Memoir - 2001

Growing up in the wilderness in the 1950's, the isolated environment is similar to what would be experienced in a spaceship. A family of four struggles with poverty and severe winters.

Weirs - 2017

A farmer wants a loan to develop better crops. He is attacked and just as they are about to lose everything, they discover a weed that has rust prevention properties.